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About Us

Simple Solutions specializes in application softwares like Billing Software, Quotation Software, Attendance Software, Hospital Billing base on web technologies. Simple Solutions is India's first developer of applications that run on desktop as well as web server, entirely developed on open source technologies. Our Simacl Software brand is a fast developing application software have installed base among small and medium scale companies all over India.

With specialized focus on small and medium scale enterprises requirements, we command provide unmatchable customer support. We go the extra mile to help out our cusotmers in their requirements to meet what they need. From initial hand holding on how to use our softwares to advanced level of cusomizations, we offer wide range of services that match the quality of industry standards.

Simple Solutions has the vision of creating applications through which customers can make all their requirements of business management is fullfulled anytime from anywhere using the internet, giving them the freedom to focus on their core business tasks. Simple Solutions is committed to reliability, efficiency and performance and most importantly provides a secure zone to its customers to transact with confidence.

Simple Solutions,
No, 321A, Fifth Floor, Fountain Plaza,
Pantheon Road, Egmore,
Chennai - 600008. India.
Phone : +91-44-42012133